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Are these the world's worst album covers?

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albumsVINYLPHOBES will tell always point out that the CD or MP3 will never have the jaw-dropping impact of the 12” album sleeve.


And looking at this selection of LP shockers we're inclined to agree.

We're assembled some of the most ludicrous, bonkers and cheesiest album sleeves of all time!

Who could forget the Paddy Roberts' classic 'Songs for Gay Dogs'? Or who hasn't pondered just what was the follow-up to Ira North's seminal 'If I Were A woman'?

And what teenage boy wouldn't happily make room among the Gaga posters for the enigmatic pop beauty known only as 'Joyce'?

Check out our gallery of 70s vinyl and begin to understand why it has become known as 'the decade style forgot' ….


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