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'Dead' puppy claws his way out of grave and walks home

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puppy-deadA PUPPY buried by his heartbroken owner after being hit by a van came back from the dead and was found whimpering outside the front door of his home.


The dog had unexpectedly raced off into road and ended up under wheels of the vehicle in Nanjing, in the Jiangsu province of China.

The puppy had stopped breathing and owner Li Xu duly buried the unfortunate animal in his garden.

However, later in the day Mr Xu received a telephone call from a neighbour telling him the muddy, bloodied, whimpering pet was outside his front doot.

Mr Xu left work and took the dog to a vet where he was treated and is now making a full recovery.
Mr  Xu said he assumed the dog had clawed its way out of the grave after regaining consciousness.

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