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The home made Coke bottle light bulb bringing illumination to developing countries

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coke-bottle-bulbA US university has developed an ultra-simple light bulb which has lit up more than 20,000 homes in some of the world's poorest shanty towns.


The home-made bulb, which provides 55-60 watts of light is made from old liter bottles of Coke filled with water and bleach.

The bottles are then inserted into holes in the roof and refract the suns rays like an electric light bulb.

The Coke bottle bulb was invented at the Massachusets Institute of Technology but has already been  installed in about 20,000 slum dwellings in the Phillippines under a charity project called 'A Liter of Light.'

Ilac Diaz, who runs the project, in Manilla, said: “Unlike a simple in the roof which would just shine a beam of vertical light the bottle refracts the light up, down, sideways, everywhere.

“It's like having a free 60 watt bulb in your home 10 months of the year.”

The charity can be reached at

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