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Teachers in Buffalo have the best racks in the US (because they get free boob-jobs on the tax payer)

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sexy-teacherAN ASTONISHING $6 million was spent on free boob-jobs for teachers in Buffalo last year – all funded by the tax payer.

The women's perky new boobs have prompted internet wags to suggest schools in upstate New York must have the best racks in the USA.

Three in every ten cosmetic procedures carried out in Buffalo are on women teachers – because they are eligible under their insurance plan options.

And despite the rest of the nation having to tighten its belts the Buffalo Gals are lining up for boob jobs, lipo-suction and a host of other cosmetic procedures.

All 3,400 teachers in Buffalo are eligible under one of their insurance plan options (paid for by taxpayer dollars) to receive any plastic surgery procedure without being billed, and with no deductible.  

Second grade teacher Linda Tokarz gets regular treatments under the plan and says “I think its great for us. I wouldn’t want to see it taken away.”  

 Dr. Kulwant S. Bhangoo, a Buffalo plastic surgeon for nearly four decades, agrees. He says, “I feel the teachers have paid their dues and it would be wrong to take it away from them.”  

He adds that three out of every ten patients are Buffalo teachers and the school district’s insurance covers every penny.  

Buffalo’s schools spent a whopping $5.9 million on plastic surgery last year under the benefit policy also known as a cosmetic rider.

The cosmetic rider has been available to Buffalo teachers for nearly 40 years.  

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