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Ms Olympia female bodybuilder Iris Kyle to star in first movie

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iris-double-biMASSIVE female bodybuilder IRIS KYLE is following in the footsteps of her male counterpart Arnold Schwarzenegger by starring in her first full-length movie.

Female musclewoman Iris, who has won the sport's top honour the Ms Olympia competition SEVEN times (Schwarzenegger also bagged seven Mr Olympias), will play faded pro bodybuilder Dina in the movie We Are Sisyphos.

The film aims to highlight the little-known incurable disease Marfan-Syndrome, and indeed the blind male lead actor Christos Haas – who plays Kurt – suffers from the condition.

Just this week the movie, which is being made in Austria, received financial backing by  Austrian Film Institute and Austrian TV station ORF.

Iris said: “I'm very excited and honoured that I was given this opportunity to work with such awesome crew, please my dearest fans stay tune for my first leading role on the " BIG SCREEN" your support will be greatly appreciated.”


According to the director Peter Brunner the 37-year-old, 175lb musclewoman, who boasts 16” biceps and 27” thighs, plays a bodybuilder forced into retirement who finds a new fight in life after meeting Kurt, who suffers from the incurable Marfan-Syndrome.

Together with the runaway Conny, they find a way to approach each other's abandoned dreams in this movie about love and the optimism of  outsiders who stand up for each other.

He said: “We Are Sisyphos uses the Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disease of the connective tissue, as a metaphor for outsiders.

“I take the real disease of a person and incorporate it into fiction. My leading actor, Christos Haas, who has been my friend ever since high school, suffers from the Marfan Syndrome since his birth.

“The Marfan Syndrome is rare. Many doctors know the disease only from their books or not at all. This is why I feel obliged to spread the word about it from my filmmaker’s point of view. I want to motivate and inspire others, I want to show them what is possible when they stand up for themselves.”

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