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Party girls in crotch-skimmer skirts and high heels get drunk and fall down escalators

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drunk-escalator-girlBEAUTIFUL women, in short skirts and high heels are the rather unfortunate subject of a new real-life safety video warning that babes, booze and, er, moving escalators don't mix!

The party girls, dressed to thrill in little black dress and fuck-me heels, rather ruin the impression by drinking too much and doing a 'reverse plank' down some of the most fearsome railway escalators in London.

In a CCTV video from Network Rail, which is urging travellers to take care at railway stations over Christmas, one woman is seen at London Euston station performing what has been dubbed ‘the reverse plank’.

But it's not just about laughing at drunk party girls – there's a serious message to the video because more than 3,000 people were involved in slips, trips or falls in Britain’s railway stations in 12 months.

Network Rail released the video as it urged people to take care when travelling by rail over Christmas - especially women wearing high heels and people running for trains with luggage.



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